Friday, 14 June 2013

7 habits of a super saver

7 habits of a super saver

With it becoming increasingly the norm to spend on credit cards, more and more people are living beyond their means and piling up the debt.  It is a problem particularly associated with the developed world and the culture we live in today.  So how to buck the trend and save, not spend?

    1. Save regularly ... and save at the beginning of the month, not from what's left at the end 
    2. Monitor your discretionary spending ... look at where you can make cuts to your budget
    3. Be pro-active when it comes to managing your money ... look for the best interest rate on   
        your savings and minimise the tax you pay on this
    4. Clear debts first ... start with the highest interest rate debt
    5. Keep track of your loose change ... start saving your coins, you'll be amazed at how much 
        you can build up
    6. Set savings' goals ... it will help keep you motivated and stay on track
    7. Become a bargain hunter ... always expect to pay less

Make sure you check out Sally Tyrie's 7 habits of a super saver to find out more.

Money Smart not Money Short

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